May 30, 2010

waiting 8 years for one meal

Well, gang, what do I say? Where do I even begin to start? Oh... I know!

Thank you!

Thanks to each and every one of my friends, family members, church family who have so lovingly and graciously been so supportive the last couple of days. All the prayers, kind words of encouragement, hugs, knowing glances with a glimmer in the eye... All of it. Every single thing helped boost Cody and I up these past two days.

The true love and devotion that you have all shown leaves me awestruck. I can't even begin to tell all of you how vital you have been to Cody and I making it through this weekend without pulling our hair out. I can assure that every kind thought, word or prayer was truly felt deeply. You all helped carry us through, and I can not thank you enough.

As far as the actual meeting itself, there is really not much to tell. I was a bit uncomfortable when we first got there, as Cody's nervousness translated into a LOT of talking. I feared he was trying to hard, but if mom and dad thought anything negative of it, it certainly didn't show.

We just sort of chit-chatted a bit while browsing the menu and waiting for our food. Talk slowed down a bit as we all started to dig in to our meals, and then we chatted a little while longer while waiting for the check.

Mom asked Cody about work (*gulp*), and he handled it quite well. He didn't lie about being unemployed, and made a great point of sharing all the volunteering that he's been doing without going far enough to feel immodest.

To be honest, I think Cody and my parents talked more than I did (which I'm totally okay with). There were no uncomfortable questions about our relationship; nothing was mentioned about how this was such a momentous occasion in our lives. It just was.

As we were saying goodbye in the parking lot, my mom actually gave Cody a big hug! She told him that she really was trying, and I know that was an enormous step for her. Cody told her how very much it meant to him and to us, and was finally able to properly express his gratitude, in person, for the prayers and support that they gave while his Dad was sick and after he died. I think that between the hug and being able to get that out finally, he was overjoyed.

So while it is and was a very big deal, it really was just one meal and a bit of conversation. But it was also the biggest step taken by any of the four of us since I came out to them 8 years ago.

Thanks again, guys. You truly are very dear to Cody and I.

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