June 16, 2010

it's a hard-knock life

Seriously gang, it just doesn't get much worse. I've got the whole week off of work, which if you know me well, you know how much I love going into the shop every day. I'm stuck in Columbus, OH with a large group of friends from my church attending our Ohio District Adult Conference. To make matters worse, when I decided to update my blog this morning, the most relaxing spot I could find to sit and type was just outside the sliding glass door of our room, in a lounge chair that overlooks the hotel pool.

I just don't know how I'll ever survive this torture until Friday afternoon!

In all honesty though, other than the few boring or less-appealing parts of the day down here, this week is already going by too quickly. I'm used to the whirlwind vacations that Cody plans going by super quick, mostly because there is always something to do all day long, and they're always enjoyable. I knew that our "free time" from conference in the afternoons would go quickly while we were hanging out with some awesome people. I just didn't realize the WHOLE week would fly by like this!!!

One big down-side is that Cody and I are in a completely different hotel than the rest of the participants from our church. We were "forced" to look for a different hotel since the "official" hotel that the conference partnered up with for a group rate didn't have any smoking rooms. In addition to that, even with the group rate, we're still getting a much better deal where we're at. We're just a couple minutes farther out in the opposite direction from the other hotel, it's much cheaper, and seems to be nicer in my opinion. The other hotel is newer, but ours has been kept up quite well, so I'm happy with the choice we made. Not to mention that, with Cody still not working, a cheaper hotel (provided it's a clean and decent one) will definitely take priority over being with the rest of the group.

So far the conference has been pretty cool. There are definite pluses and minuses to it, but overall I'm pleased we decided to attend. The best part for me is getting to know a handful of friends a bit better, followed closely by the class I chose to take. We can take up to two additional classes each morning, and Cody and I decided to only take one so that we could spend a little more time relaxing before we leave each morning. This is our vacation in addition to a conference, so even though we don't have big enough blocks of time to do some other things we might have liked to do, we are trying to make the most of it and get the best of both worlds.

I enjoyed the Bible study yesterday morning, and look forward to the remaining sessions, but unfortunately Cody was a little less impressed. He may take that time to kind of meander and meditate for the rest of the week, but I'm not sure.

I decided to join the conference choir at the urging of a couple of friends as well. While there have been a few frustrating points that I won't go into out of respect for a couple of people whom I otherwise like quite well, it's been kind of nice to sing in a choir again. Plus we get to keep our music and take it back to our congregations! Since recently taking the interim choir director position at church, I've been looking for some ideas and music, and I'll definitely be utilizing one or two of these new songs.

The evening vesper speaker has been getting some kind of mixed reviews so far, and I have to say that I haven't quite made my mind up yet. I know that I haven't gotten anything out of it that I've taken to heart to walk away with as of yet, but hopefully the matters he's spoken of will be seated somewhere in my heart or subconscious to still be somewhat effective in my life at a later point.

Cody and I went to the other hotel during free time yesterday to hang out with a few of our friends and go swimming in their pool. It was actually quite nice. We had a chance to talk amongst ourselves without anyone being called away for this, that or the other. I know that our Pastor really enjoyed it. I think that's the longest I've been around him without someone coming to him with something that needed his attention or his phone going off. Pastors need to relax, too ya' know!

This afternoon we'll be headed out as a group to visit the shops and such on High St. It's supposed to be a nice little eclectic row of mom & pops, novelty and kitschy stores. It's a bit of a tradition for our congregation and they all seem to have really enjoyed it in the past, so I'm looking forward to it!

I think several of us may skip dinner tonight at the conference and go out to eat, as fish is on the menu, and most of us are either not into it or indifferent enough to be willing to skip it for something a little better with the group.

Alas, Mr. Man has just reminded me of the time. I need to shave and shower so we can head out in time for our first session.


ellenjane said...

Sounds like you guys are having a terrible time! I'm sorry it's so awful, the week will end soon enough :)

I miss you. Let's talk sometimes next week mmmkay?

Robert Stockham said...

Be sure to go to Jeni's Ice Cream. They have several locations, one in is the North Market near the convention center, and at least one in the Short North. It is AMAZING!!
The food stalls at the market are delicious as well!!