June 28, 2009

thanks, mom

I've always had a propensity to clean when I know company is coming. Turns out that holds true for this space, as well. I know my regular crowd (all five of you!) tend to keep up with me in your reader, so I don't clean house too often. I know when I click through my reader to leave a comment on your blogs, I'm always surprise at the changes in color and theme and such.

Since there have been a couple of new people dropping by, I figured it was time to tidy up the place a bit. I know absolutely nothing about changing themes and layouts and crap, so I pretty much just switch back and forth between two pre-made themes.

I had to get rid of that Heinz app on the sidebar. The picture was so big it covered part of the text. Can't have that, now can we.

I also added one of those neat little blogs I follow widgets that I've been seeing more of lately. Every time I go to Pete's page I think, "I gotta get me one uh them there doo-dads!"

I also updated all the blogs I've been following as well. I give you guys shout-outs a lot, but I put on a few other sites that I enjoy.

And I swear, Robert, I've been following your blog since it was mentioned in the newsletter. I didn't just add you cause you dropped by. Honest. Well, maybe a little...

What? You guys didn't know there was a newsletter? You thought all the crazy people from Focus on the Family were making that up? Oh no. It's real. How do you think we know what's on the "gay agenda"? The gay newsletter, of course!

I kid. It's actually a newsletter put out once a month by a social group Cody and I belong to. It just happens to be an exclusive gay and lesbian only social group. Because world domination will be achieved in .pdf format!

Seriously though. Go check out some of those other blogs!

Speaking of, I've had a lot of fun this past week or so getting back into updating regularly. Maybe it will stick this time? Maybe I'll not delete two years worth of posts again? Maybe I'll cycle again next week and it'll all be a memory?

Who knows?

I'm having fun in the process though!!!

P.S. K, I didn't add your link because I'm not 100% clear on whether you want that to be public knowledge. Your call, sweetums!


Less Confused said...

You had me going for awhile, I thought "How far out of the loop am I? I didn't know we had a newsletter!!" LOL.

The widget is a nice addition to your blog, it's starting to look like you actually blog here! lol.

I shouldn't speak too loudly, neither blog of mine has been updated to well lately.

ellenjane said...

I go to Cutest Blog on the Block and add the format as a widget. That's the most technologically advanced sentance I've ever typed.

WV: Apatra: Apatra arm if you can add a widget all by yourself!

Katy said...

Is K me? If it is, go ahead... it's all good. If it's not... go ahead anyway, it's all good and I speak for all people who's name starts with a "k"

Anonymous said...

LC - I lol'ed at your comment! We do have several newspapers though! As for the blogs... if I can do it, you can do it! Hell, go write on Dissonance and we can have a conversation. Easier than coming up with ideas on your own!

Bethany - Wow. Planting flowers, operating heavy machinery, talking about widgets? I hardly recognize you!

Katy - Yes, love; twas you! You're all hooked up now!