June 15, 2009

pictures are up!!!

Wow, that was freaky.

I tried posting earlier, and for some reason the letters were going onto the screen backwards. I re-started the computer and double-checked that I was virus-free. Everything seems fine now, thank God.


Just wanted to let you all now that I finally got some of my vacation pictures uploaded to Flickr. There should be a little badge on the right you can click to visit my page, or you can just click here.

I opened it up so anyone could see so that y'all could peek at them for awhile!

I know it seems kind of lazy to not post any here, but I took the time to re-size and upload over 200 pictures this morning. I really don't feel like fighting with blogger right now, and their upload tools suck if you have more than a few to post.

We took over 2,600 pictures in 9 days, so I tried to get the highlights for you.


ellenjane said...

What a model of efficiency you are kind sir!
Love you!

Katy said...

Sooo... did you know that if you download the flickr photo uploader, it will resize the pictures for you? Just a thought... but I think it only resizes what goes onto flickr, not what's is saved on your puter...

Pete said...

My computer was doing the same thing!!!!! Turns out it was something with firefox, but I thought I was the only one!! Yeah!

Oh and Yeah for vacation photos!!!