June 29, 2009

pimpin' ain't easy

Hey gang,

First of all, I have to say hello to all the recent visitors! Welcome to the murky depths! I kid. Mostly.

No major news or anything, but I do have goodies for you all!

First up, the newest addition to the blog roll, The Katy Chronicles. A sweet, sweet young lady I'm sure you'll all love!

Now I have a favor to ask. Don't groan. It's not lady-like. Besides, you will love it. And you may even win a prize.

I would love for you to visit to of my friends. They're both members of a social networking group that Cody and I belong to, and I happen to think they're pretty great guys. Aside from their overall awesometasticness though, they have some pretty cool stuff to check out.

First up is Dan. Dan is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to homes. He is or has been involved in many facets of real estate and design, and he's good at what he does. Dan has recently started writing about home staging for examiner.com. As much as we would all love to move to our dream home, it's not a reality for the majority of us. So why read about how to stage a home if you're not actually selling? Simple. Dan offers great advice that is applicable whether you plan to move or not. I got a lot out of his most recent article concerning sticking to one room at a time while cleaning, and the best way to go about de-cluttering. So GO!

Next up is Robert. Robert, together with his partner in crime and time Bud, own and operate The Great Lakes Design Collaborative. They are a Cleveland-based design firm that strives to be as "green" as possible. I would encourage all of you to check out their site (Mr. Architect in particular), as they have some great plans for the future of building and design. Quite the team, these two.

For those not looking to formally update or build (wish I could afford it myself, but that's neither here nor there...), you still need to check out the blog. Robert writes the majority of the time, with Bud popping in now and then to write as well. These guys not only know their stuff, they're passionate about it. Robert is also passionate about spreading knowledge about how we can all make an impact. The Great Lakes Green Pages is a blog you'll all definitely want to add to your reader!

In honor of the late Billy Mays:

But wait!!! There's more!!!

Robert is actually having a giveaway this week! If you subscribe to his blog and leave a comment on the appropriate post, you would win a prize! Robert is also a phenomenal photographer, and he is currently drawing names to win one of his limited edition prints!

Like I need another reason to troll blogs all day, people are giving me stuff to read them now!!! Seriously!

I've puttered around on Robert's art page before, and he really is good. So subscribe today and be sure to leave him a comment or two this week. You just might win some art.

Even if you don't get your hands on one of these stunning prints, I guarantee you'll get something out of visiting both of these sites!

This is making me wonder if I should have a contest too.

Oh! I know!

You all compliment me on my gardens and wish you had them, right? So maybe the funniest commenter gets to help me pull weeds?!



Anonymous said...

ohh the huge size.....must be getting old LOL

Mommyto3 said...

Hey don't pull that one! It's attached!

Katy said...

I would totally help you pull weeds... too bad I live like 2000 miles away.

Pete said...

For some reason I think pulling weeds with you would be highly entertaining. lol.

Perhaps someday when I'm not burried with work I'll sign up for that give away. lol.

I just wanted to thank you for more reasons to not get any work done. How is it you know which blogs will be like crack for me?

At my blog intervention I'm blaming you for the reason everyone will be there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Julie - I sat here with smoke coming out of my ears trying to figure out what you meant. I finally went to re-read it and saw what you're talking about. I still don't know what the hell happened.

Mto3 - How much longer till M gets to help pull weeds?

Katy and Pete - You two can carpool up here from Bethany's!!!

Robert Stockham said...

Thanks for the shout out Jake! I am going to do give away all summer, I think. Time to clear out the inventory. Then, I am going to approach some local vendors and see what else I can come up with...like reusable shopping bags, or cfl bulbs...