September 22, 2008

still standing

So, Cody and I had a long talk Saturday morning. He's still here, and I'm still here. I've agreed to go to couple's counseling, and we're going to do our best to keep this thing going.

He asked some things of me. I asked some things of him. We both gave each other a lot to think about, but more importantly, we made it clear that we want to work this all out.

I've re-started this sentence four times, and still don't know what to say right now. So I'll just keep it short. Thanks for your concern and prayers. I'll try to start posting again soon.


Pete said...

prayers will continue. :)

As long as you both want it to work, everything else can be worked on.

So at least you agree on the fundamental issue.

Katy said...


ellenjane said...

hooray! I'm glad things are going well however cautiously. I know you two love each other and that's more of a start then most couples. I'll be praying love.