April 17, 2010

this pill makes you smaller

*Deep breath*

Been a month since I checked in. Had some bad times, as evidenced by my previous post. Had some good times, too. It's been a hell of a rollercoaster this past month!

I'm currently spazzing out a bit and waiting for the Xanax to kick in. Heart's going a bit too fast for my liking, and I took a pill to cut any potential panic attack in the teeth before it has a chance to take hold. I will take another pill exactly 6 hours after the last one.

I've been working pretty hard to get things moving with our new choir at church, and tonight is our big "Debut" at the church talent show. I'll also be singing a solo, all by myself, in front of friends and strangers, for the first time in over 8 years. In addition to the solo I have chosen, I was "nominated" by our choir to sing the final chorus of our selection the first time through, as it's too tricky for the choir with only one practice. Oh, and I'm "directing" the choir too.

I'm only slightly freaking out.

I decided this morning to keep reminding myself today that I have worked too hard on this to let my stress level prevent me from enjoying it.

*Deep breath*

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Pete said...

Congrats Jake! I hope everything went as awesome as I know it will!!

You've worked incredibly hard on this deal and stepped far out of your comfort zone, and it always turns out great.

With God on your side, how could anxiety even have a chance. :)