March 24, 2009

what a day

  I've managed to make it through the day pretty positively, I think.  I made a conscious decision this morning when I got up to not let any of yesterdays drama weigh me down.  Turns out it kept me flowing through the rest of the day with some pretty good spirits.  Unfortunately, though, I'm now exhausted.  Being happy and productive is hard work!

  Work went really by very smooth and easy, but I was just busy, busy, busy.  When I got home, I decided to beat tomorrow's rain and get the rest of the raking done.  I hope that's the last time till fall, but we'll see.  Then it was on to dinner, dishes, etc. 

  I'm pooped!

  I just wanted to pop in and say "Thanks" to all you guys for the prayers and warm wishes.  I don't know what I'd do without y'all some days! 

  I was visiting elsewhere earlier, and the post I read made me realize how helpful we have all been to each other.  Bethany is pretty much a full time small group leader for all of us now; Sharen is helping us all save money and be more conscious of our budgets; Pete is helping to keep us grounded through his experiences of late as well as the growth he's going through (not to mention we're all excited for and with him on all these big strides); Katy is always there to be our cheerleader, encourage us, and tell us how special we are (even though it's usually on Facecrack, cause she doesn't post too often); Jul-Z, has unfortunately had her hands full lately, so we haven't heard from her since October. Though she is on Twitter and Facebook if y'all want to friend her up...

  I think I'm officially your pimp now people.  I'm not putting a feather in my hat though.

  At any rate, I'm lovin' how much I'm able to depend on you guys when I need it, whatever the reason. 

  Ugh.  It's already 8:00.  I need to take a shower and get my hiney to bed!

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Pete said...

o.k. you can skip the feather, but I want to see the walk with the cane, you gotta have the cane.