February 23, 2009


  Not only have I been on the puter way too long already. I've also commented myself to death.  Since I started using a feed reader, it's saving me time keeping up with reading everything I "have" to read, but it's keeping me from commenting as much.

  I had planned on at least one post this morning.  But I'm spent.  I do have the day off, but I need to get some things done around the house. 

  I really have to be more disciplined with my time.  I'm bad and getting worse (thanks to a frickin' Facebook invite that sucked up even more of my time). 

  I'll get it figured out eventually.  For now, I'm just going to have to say I'll try to get that post done later.  I've got one swirling in my head to post here, and at least one more for AD.  I just know they're going to drain me even more.

  So for now, turn up the heat, open the curtains and pretend it's summer!  Quick, before the snow starts flying again!


Pete said...

I'll settle for spring.

I'm so far behind on my extended blog reading, I've been concentrating on a select few so I'm way behind on many blogs, as well as my own too.

Have a great day!!

Pete said...

I just read all the awesome comments you took the time to leave me and am ever so grateful for your input!!!

I usually feel so guilty for taking so much of your time and depriving myself of posts from you, but then I realize I'm such a selfish comment whore that I'm o.k. with that. LOL.


Have a good day off!